This is our first vacation trip as family with my wife and 1 year old son. Also our first Airbnb booking and don’t know what to expect. With a little research, found a good area and found a host with high rating. Airbnb didn’t fail us to find a great host in Tei. He is just exceptional. First off, he accepted my changes in booking (changing number of guests and adding a discount coupon) without a question. Upon booking receipt, he provided us complete information which helped us a lot. No problems whatsoever – very easy to locate and just one train (AREX) away from the airport. He visited us on our second day to touch-base and have a good conversation. He sat down with us to give info on food, grocery and attractions nearby. I already have made my 5 day itinerary at home. Unfortunately, some activities are not doable since we have our baby with us and it is very cold outside ranging from -5 to 5 deg C. Tei comes in and saved our vacation! He gave us alternative indoor activities that we can do. He also offered us that he can call, even late at night, for food delivery for our comfort. And most of all, offered to bring our baby’s stroller to find cover for protection from cold. He didn’t find one but got us blankets, face mask, beanies and gloves for our baby. And he said those were his gifts for our baby! We don’t know how to thank him so much for his help. I still haven’t mentioned the place he has. The building is very well situated near from the exit of Main Train Lines. The room is very clean and everything is there. Room is spacious (has aircon and heater); beds are cozy; kitchen is complete with microwave and kettle for coffee and heat food; bathroom is clean with washing machine. Very good for families, groups of friends and even for couples 🙂 Tei is such a great host and I find a good friend in him. Hope to see him soon on our next Korea Trip in a different season 🙂 Maybe in Jeju Island.